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Before embarking on a complete refurbishment, renovation, redecoration or makeover of your property, consider seeking the professional help of an architect. The Nina dom agency collaborates with renowned architects and designers.
Renovation or redecoration requires time and financial investment, and it is very important that you, before commencing with the execution of your plan, consider all of the possibilities for the redecoration, renovation, reconstruction or makeover of your property that will be suggested by the architect and interior designer.
When it comes to renovating private apartments and houses, many are reluctant to hire an architect to avoid the extra costs. However, you must keep in mind that the architect’s fee is negligible in the amount of your budget and the budget you are willing to approve. This kind of thinking often leads to even higher costs that occur later, after time has revealed the numerous shortcomings and mistakes made in reckless and unprofessional renovation.

In addition to the conceptual and construction design, hiring an expert also implies a good cost estimate that provides insight into the cost of work. A cost estimate with a detailed description of all the necessary work and the amount of material will make the job much easier.

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