Hrvatska gospodarska komora


The Nina dom agency will hire surveying services for you. A surveyor is usually the first person you meet when you start building a house. Before the architect starts making the draft and preparing the documentation, you need a geodetic survey. The geodetic survey shows all the natural and built structures that already exist on your land. In addition, the surveyor performs a number of other services, such as staking the building, marking boundary lines, subdivision and much more. Some of the most common procedures are described in the items below.

Geodetic survey
The geodetic plan or survey covers all already existing physical structures on a certain part of the land area.

Boundary demarcation
Surveyors also perform boundary line defining procedures. First they obtain all the already existing data, then they make field measurements without the presence of the owner. The initial data obtained are followed by boundary reading. The owners of the plot and closer neighbors are invited to the reading. In principle, the owner shows the direction on the reading, and the surveyor compares this boundary with the boundary marked in the cadastre. If the owners agree with the direction of the boundary predicted by the surveyor, then this is how it is drawn up in the boundary demarcation plan.

Boundary marking
The marking of the boundary is usually performed in accordance with the naturally set boundaries, and this is also regulated by the surveyor. The surveyor draws data for the demarcation of the boundary from the land cadastre. All owners of bordering plots must agree with the setting of the boundary. After the procedure has been finished, the surveyor must send the marks in the form of a technical message to all owners, including the State Geodetic Administration.

Land surveyors of a particular area, often owned by different owners, arrange and redistribute the area among the existing owners so that each gets the most optimal land as possible. By consolidation, equivalent plots that allow for easier use are formed, while preserving the size and value. The surveyor must draft a consolidation study and a consolidation agreement and enclose the statements of all owners. During the consolidation, new independent plots are created, so the boundaries of the plots also change. The new boundaries need to be re-marked in the land cadastre.

Subdivision is the process by which a surveyor combines smaller adjacent plots or divides a larger plot into several smaller ones. Before commencing with the procedure, all boundaries of the existing plots must be demarcated. After the procedure, the new boundaries of the parcels are entered in the land cadastre

Staking out the object
Staking out buildings before construction is a legal obligation for residential and commercial buildings.
Staking out a building is the geodetic service of transferring the projected dimensions, heights and positions of points of a certain building to the field. The staking out itself is performed on the basis of data obtained from the design engineers, so that the builders on the construction site are familiar with the dimensions of the building.
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